Doctor Cheng Chi
Phone: 808-715-2768
Email: CHICHENG8@hotmail.com

Licensed Acupuncturist, TCM Doctor (China), with thirty years of clinical experience treating migraine,headache, depression, paralysis, stroke and sequelae, male and female health issues, male and female infertility, trauma, musculoskeletal disorders, MI, anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, vertigo. Advanced acupuncturist and TCM herbal pharmacist

Clinic Director, Clinic Acupuncturist, St Paul Acupuncture Clinic; St. Paul, MN 2006 to present
Clinic Supervisor, Clinic Acupuncturist, Instructor, AAAOM; Roseville, MN 2004 to present
Clinic Doctor, Instructor, Academic Dean, Vice President, University of East-West Medicine; Sunnyvale, CA 2003-2004
Instructor, Clinic Doctor, International Institute of Chinese Medicine; Santa Fe, NM 2001-2003

Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Kungming, China 1999-2001
Taught TCM botany, herbal medicine

Michigan State University; MI
Research assistant in College of Natural Science, Department of Zoology
  • Worked on pathology, toxicology, pharmacology, cytology of the side effects and toxicology of Cisplatin (SSP, SAP, polyplat ) on rat hearts and testes.
  • Dehydrated, sliced, sectioned, dyed, fixed, took pictures and used micro technique
    Assistant Technician in College of Natural Science, Department of Entomology
  • Worked with mosquito culture, incubation, freeze technique, blood meal, and dissection of their eggs to adult (from generation to generation) Research Assistant in Human Medicine College, Department of Medicine
  • Worked in molecular biology, PCR technique, gene transfer, chromatography electrophoresis and cell culture (all procedures)
  • Analyzed red, white cells, platelets and plasmas, ELISA

    TCM Instructor, TCM Doctor in Springfield, MA
    TCM Doctor of Internal Medicine, Instructor, Yunnan College of TCM; Kunming, China 1990-1996
    Institute of Kunming drug inspection, herb analysis and identification China 1982-1987
    "Barefoot" Doctor: Rural China 1976-1978

    M.S. in Chinese Herbal Pharmacy, Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1987-1990
    B.S. in TCM, Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese medicine 1978-1982

    Extensive teaching including the following courses (in English): Diagnosis in TCM I, II, Foundation of TCM, Herbs I, II, III, Prescriptions I, II, III, Differentiation I, II, Massage, Huang Di Nei Jing, Chinese Medical History, Food Therapy, Chinese TCM Nutrition, Chinese Pharmacology, Patent Medicine, Herbal Terminal Review, Chinese Herb Terminal Exam Review, Herbal Process, Herb Pharmacy, Massage, Botany, Pathology, Pediatric Tui Na, Auricular Acupuncture, Special Needle Techniques, Scapular Needles ,TCM Treatment Principle, Herbal Processing, Sport Tui Na, Tui Na for cosmetics, Congee, Six Needle Technique, Processing of Cosmetic Products

    Over 30 papers published in P. R. China. Some of them show as follow
    Chi, C. Eight needle Knee Technique <> Volume 17, number 2, 2008 (2008年美国发表) Chi, C. The six needle technique on the scalp in the treatment of neck and arm pain <> Volume 14, number 1, 2005 (2005年美国发表
    Chi, C. One needle technique to treat acute ankle sprain <> Volume 14, number 4, 2005 (2005年美国发表)

    Chi, C. and Luo, T. G. "Medicinal Standard of Mo Jiang Centipede "<> --1991
    Chi, C., Luo, T. G. and Sun, S. R. "Studies on the Oils of Mo Jiang and Sao Ji Centipede in Yunnan Province"< < Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs>>------Vol. No2., 1992
    Chi, C. and Chi, P." Experimental Study of Pharmacodynamics on Anticonvulsant with Both Centipede from Mojiang and Certified Centipede <> ------Jan. 1, 1992
    Chi, C. and Gai, J.H. "A Survey of Research on Medicinal Centipede<> June.2, 1992
    Chi, C. and Chi, P. "Study on Mutagenic Test of Scolopendra from Mojiang Yunnan Province

    < < Journal of Yunnan Medical College >> ----Jan. 1, 1994
    Chi, C." Introduction of Chinese Medicinal Information of Data from Animals<< Journal of Yunnan Medical College >> --Sep., 1993, 3:46

    Main books
    1995 MEDICINAL RESOURCES IN FOREST (1.2 million words) As An Vice-chief-editor, 1995, Published by International Publish Company.
    1994 CHINESE MEDICINAL BANK OF INFORMATION FROM ANIMALS (1.25 million Words) As A Chief Editor Published by Department of Yunnan

    1993 CHINESE PRECIOUS PRESCRIPTIONS FROM CIVIL AND FOLK DISTRICTS ( 1million words >> As An Vice-chief-editor 1993, Published by Department of Shanxi Science Technique

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